Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Three Days until my first show.......

I am now officially in panic mode!! I have just three days left until my first show in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and I am so excited and nervous about it at the same time! It seems like just yesterday it was cold and (dare I say it "snowing"!) outside. And I was thinking, that there's lot's of time to get ready. Well time as we all know , has a way of getting away from us, and now I am down to the wire.

I started packing everything up, and making a list so I don't forget anything, and I am a great list maker. Unfortunately, I seem to lose my lists, and it makes me mental!! I don't know how I do it, where they go, or why they disappear, but they do..... Only to show up weeks later,(months even) after the planned event that the list was made for in the first place!

So now, with several partial lists in hand, I am trying to get myself ready for this show. I hope I haven't forgotten anything (like the TABLE I forgot last summer!!!), Oh and I just remembered that I need to get change too from the bank, so before I forget to write that down on my list, I should probably do that now, and head back to painting some more. Wish me luck, and fingers crossed for good weather, but just in case, I better put "bring umbrella" on my list too!

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