Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

   Soooo...a whole year has passed I'm embarrassed to admit, since I have written anything new, or updated my web//blog site !! I am always amazed at just how fast a year can go by, and what can happen and change over that time as well. 2105 was another year of big changes, new adventures with some exciting and some sad events in my life.
   In the Spring, my oldest son and I got to head out to Vancouver to spend a week with Family. I hadn't there in over 30 years, and it was incredible to go back and share this time with my son, and re-connect with some of my family. so many laughs, reminiscing, a few tears, and just a whole lot of fun. The week was over far to fast.. 
      Another amazing highlight was my residency in Italy in June. I was Artist in Residence in the breathtaking village of Noepoli, high up in the Polino Mountains, in Southern Italy. Truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The hosts of Palazzo Rinaldi,  Raphaelle & Pina, were so kind and  gracious, and it was a pleasure to stay in their ancient stone home with them. The residents of this medieval village were very welcoming, and loved to welcome us into their homes, and offer us coffee ( along with chocolate almond liqueur !) and cookies. Even with my extremely limited Italian, and their extremely  limited English , we managed to communicate quite well, and our visits always ended with big smiles and photographs taken together, and warm hugs and kisses . Being in Italy was a magical time that allowed me to see so much of this beautiful country. We started in Florence for a few days, off to Venice, then Rome. Then down to southern Italy for my residency, and then off to Naples and the Amalfi coast to end the month off. The residency also offered me some much needed quiet time. Wandering through the village, sketching , painting on the terrace, taking it all in, gave me time to just sit and reflect a bit about my life, and choices, and offered me some clarity about a few decisions that I had been struggling with for quite some time. I hope  to be able to return there someday very soon, as it will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am so truly grateful that I was given this amazing opportunity to spend so much time in such a wonderful country.
  It seems as soon as I returned to Canada, I hit the ground running and didn't really stop till Christmas.  Family events & obligations, exhibits I was participating in, and  part time work all seemed to contribute to the feeling of life suddenly moving at warp speed!
      Most importantly,  2015 also offered  myself and my husband of 29 years , the opportunity to come back to each other and reconcile , and work out our differences, and start over so to speak to end up in a much better place together. We are working very hard together to keep moving forward....... something a year ago, neither one of us ever thought possible or that we would ever be able to do.
  So, now I am finally painting again, mostly of Italy right now!! My first show is in May, and I am looking forward to exhibiting my new pieces.
  I find it a little bit ( actually a lot!) hard to keep up with social media at the best of times , but I will try a little harder this year. I will also post a list of upcoming shows for 2016 after this post is completed. But  I would also really like to add my Instagram account to this post, as I find it infinitely easier to post photos on, and it will be much easier for me to keep up with form of social media and much easier for people to see new artwork that I am producing.
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